Holidays in (catalan) heaven

17. Juli 2007

I have to admit that I’ve always imagined heaven to be more quiet and definetly not as hot, but this is as close as it can get. I’ve been to Barcelona many times before, mostly on my way to the Costa Blanca or Mallorca, staying for one night. This is the first time I really reap the benefits of having an aunt living in one of Europe’s nicest cities. Especially when this aunt has moved to a penthouse with a breathtaking 20 sqm terrace. Sunbathing on this terrace one can overlook a nearby park with swimming pool to the left and at night enjoy views of the illuminated Tibidabo to the right. (I’m uploading some pictures as soon as I’m back.)These are decent vacations („vagaciones“ para todos los que lo entiendan): Sleeping till 11 a.m., taking 20 minutes of sun, then eating some fresh fruit and killing time by conversing about women in the arabic world, behavior of drug addicts and Spanish politics. Then it’s time for some tasty cold salads and afterwards some reading. And finally at about 8 p.m. leaving the apartment and strolling over the Passeig the Gracia down into the gothic quarter. Or taking looks at the Sagrada Familia and the beautiful Hospital de Santa Creu i Sant Pau (please put me in there when I’m sick).

Today it’s beach time: In some hours we’ll leave to the Caldes d‘ Estrac.

Have fun at whatever you are doing. ;-)


3 Kommentare

  1. lach du nur…
    aber haste dir ja verdient. ;-)
    Neid ist mir fremd. Mag die Sonne eh nicht besonders.
    Dann erhol dich mal gut!

  2. Das Photo sieht wirklich wunderbar aus.

  3. man fühlt wie sehr du Urlaub machst.
    Das will ich auch so haben!

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