Beauty is the beast

8. November 2007

Dear all,

in the last few weeks I´ve really been taking a big detour from what this blog was really meant to be. It was not meant to be a tourist diary. It was not meant to be a cultural reporter. Neither was it meant to be a documentation on the horrors of moving. It was meant to be the marrow. So, for a start, I´m pondering about beauty today.

Has it happened to you, that people make a big impression on you just because they´re beautiful, handsome, good-looking, whatever? I would like to resist the fact that people who look good make a bigger impression on me than average looking people. But I can´t. Women who are good looking intimidate me, men who are good-looking intimidate me. I somehow seem to respect them more. They´re like „the big thing“. Why? I don´t like myself being this way.

We all know that the inner part of your and others´ self should be the important part. The part we value the most. And I don´t mean your organs. ;-) I mean: character, personality, thoughts, opinions, behavior. And here I am, believing this. Then a handsome colleague comes in and I start dropping my pen and all this sort of stuff. I mean: fuck! I don´t want this.

I know there are studies that show that somehow life is easier for good-looking people. But why? Are we, after all, just slaves of outer beauty? Are we, after all, slaves of our genes, who tell us: This woman/man is beautiful. You have to respect him/her. She/he is somehow better than me. Or is this just my ever-lacking selfesteem? Or my juvenile immaturity? Do genes care about inner beauty? I doubt it. And I don´t like it.

That´s all for today.

Men have made the a-bombs, men have made guns
The dreaded torture chambers and the barbed wire fence
But of all the awful things that men did invent
The idea of ideal beauty is worth the most contempt

And tell me who’s a killer?
If we all consider that emotion runs as deep as flesh
And the idea of ideals that say what beauty is
Has sentenced so many to death

So, if beauty is your friend you’d better go deceive it
Beauty is the beast, you better believe it
You’re wasting your whole life if you’re trying to achieve it
Beauty is the beast and you better believe it

Now, who can tell me how and where to begin
In a world who thinks of ugly as the cardinal sin
And constantly is talking about the beauty within
But locks up in the cellar everything that is grim

The Ark – „Beauty is the beast“

2 Kommentare

  1. Beauty is instint, personality is human work. You may be attracted by beauty at first, but later, if there is nothing else behind that, you forget it or even run away. Frienship is not based on external beauty. Love based on external beauty is ephemeral…

  2. Quay, thank you for your comment. I appreciate your sapient words. It´s true: Outer beauty is neither permanent nor should it be enough. And – taken alone – it is definitely not a good foundation for love.

    I also know that looking good is nothing one can be really proud of, because it comes for free, it´s effortless. But personality maybe is something we can be proud of, because as you say, it´s human work.

    But how come that beautiful people, at first, intimidate us?

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