Sex and death

20. November 2007

Sometimes sex is a beginning. For all non-believers death is the end. So in the last few days, sex and death both dropped by and said hello.

Sex, because I´m experiencing a little „Sex and the City“ overdose. Watching 4 episodes on DVD each night, even my accent is changing to American English. Let me tell you that I normally don´t watch TV. And if I do, I watch crime series or movies. So here I go, watching this series 5 years later than the rest of humanity and I wonder how on earth this could have been broadcasted on American TV. It´s so explicit sometimes, but very funny. It´s flecked with corns of wisdom from time to time. And it´s a good way to improve your vocabulary. In many ways.

Death, because people die. All of a sudden. They choose it themselves, God does, or whoever, and they´re gone. Children, parents, grandmas. Like this. You wake up, your life is ok. You´re angry because the mailman doesn´t arrive, you think you´re the most disgraced person on earth because there´s a pimple on your face, you feel unworthy because you don´t earn enough money or your love life´s a mess. And suddenly someone dies or chooses to die and you say: Hey, is my life really so bad? Shouldn´t I be glad for every day I´m alive? God, we tend to be so superficial when everything´s ok… I don´t like that.

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