I have a life out there

31. Januar 2008

Sometimes there´s not enough time to write. Or, likewise, laziness becomes my best friend. So I think: No, not tonight. You can write tomorrow. And then, all of a sudden, it´s been 10 days since my last post. That´s the way time goes by.

* I went to my yoga class and came home completely happy. How can this be? Yoga really seems to work for me. Some days more, some less, but it´s really working.

* I got a thai massage. Very interesting experience. I like a hard massage, but that really was new to me: They really grab you and use their whole body weight to put pressure on some parts. During the procedure it sometimes feels strange, but afterwards you feel just wonderful. And there´s something sweet about asian women.

* I finally saw (and heard) the „SHOUT OUT LOUDS“ at the Centralstation in Darmstadt last evening and I must really say that they are very talented. One of those bands that are really worth experiencing live. They´re very good at it.

* Why do kids nowadays have to make pictures of everything they experience? „Me at the concert“ (picture taken with my mobile). Why? As if, without a picture proving it, one has not really been there. Do we need more proofs nowadays?

* I never thought I would do this, but it´s true and I´ll admit it in public: I became 26 inside a McDonalds. It´s like: I had a child in the bus. Totally wicked.

One comment

  1. aha, that is what you meant when you wrote: „here are so many other things that you can do there“

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