Tatort Mannheim

18. Juli 2008

Hello everybody,

it has been a long time since my last English post. Therefore I have decided to report on this subject in English, even though it implies going into the details of some German phenomenons.

Since 1970 the ARD (first German TV channel) broadcasts a TV series called „crime scene“ (Tatort). It is normally shown every Sunday evening and is very popular among many people. In fact it is so popular that some people meet up to watch it together and even some bars show it on a regular basis. Now what´s the thrill? Personally I like the fact that there is not only one team of cops which solves the cases, but many, which appear in changing order and thus prevent the series from becoming boring.

How come? In federalistic Germany it is a must-have to let the series take place in different cities, with policemen and women who represent the local colour of a region. So what you have is in fact a series where each episode consists of a different police team. Each team appears one to four times a year and has characters with different personalities. From cat-lovers to singles to stressed parents to messy apartment owners and so on. Even though the main theme of the series is always a murder and the plot concentrates on resolving the case, you get to know many private aspects of the policemen´s and women´s life which make it easy to identify with them.

My favourite team is the Münster-Team, because it is so hilarious. On the one hand there´s a cop, Frank Thiel, who originally is from Hamburg and misses his football team FC St. Pauli. You can often see him wearing a t-shirt with their logo (especially when he´s going to sleep). After his recent divorce he moved to Münster because he wanted to be nearer to his father, who works as a taxi driver and also makes some money selling weed (which of course his son does not know, or more likely, does not want to know). As Thiel does not have a driving licence his father has saved him one or the other time by picking him up with his taxi.

On the other hand there is Prof. Boerne, the forensic doctor, who first and foremost is in love with himself. Not only is he proud about his academic expertise but also of him being of noble stock. He likes to dress nice, eat nice and drive expensive cars. So when Thiel and Prof. Boerne have to work together it is like the clash of two worlds. But not only do they work together, they even live in the same house and Prof. Boerne is Thiel´s landlord. It has happend that he uses his spare key to get into Thiels aparment, especially when he is in need of wine, which he needs to spend a nice evening with some woman.

This is just a rough outline of the setting to give you an idea why I like this series so much. Now what I wanted to tell you about is that on Thursday the premiere of the new Stuttgart-Tatort (second episode „In eigener Sache“) took place at the Cinemaxx in Mannheim, which seems to have the biggest screen in Baden-Württemberg. All the actors were present and you could take your pictures with them, which I did not! :-) Even though their acting location is Stuttgart both main actors come from this region. Richy Müller originally is from Mannheim and Felix Klare from Heidelberg.

In this episode the policemen need to investigate among themselves, a delicate subject which is not easily accomplished. It will be broadcasted on Sunday, the 17th of August 2008 and makes it worth to spend a summer evening at home. For me it was fun to watch a „Tatort“ in the cinema for the first time. Thanks to RW for getting me into this. ;-)

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  1. I enjoyed the evening as much as you did! Thanks a lot for your company. And our pic with the cardboard team is just lovely … looks as we’re part of the team … although I enjoy it much more to just watch the others resolve the murder cases. Bye bye-la …

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