Israel as seen by Mr. Desisle

4. Februar 2009

This is why I should have learned more French in school: Mr. Desisle, blessed author of many graphic novels, most of them dealing with the cultural clash people experience while going abroad, has set up a blog called „Jérusalem, un canadien errant dans la ville sainte„. Here he tells us about his life in Israel, where he moved to some months ago.

I will hopefully keep up trying to understand parts of it. But even not understanding the language fully does not really matter, as he equips his posts with beautiful images and drafts. Really worth a look!

Read about this on graphic-novels.info.

Read my short review of his graphic novel „Shenzhen“ (in German).

One comment

  1. hi ;D
    i appreciate your comment on my post <3 and i see u write as well =D

    life is rly nice , some people just fail to see it. some people complain cus roses have thorns, while others rejoice cus thorns have roses ;D

    anyway , thanks again , i know my comment here is completely irrelevant to ur post but yeah , i just dropped by to say thanks ;D

    <3 take care =]

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