Spending cracking days

31. Mai 2009

Hey ya,

  • I´ve been spending too much money. In all kinds of different ways. Either I buy Vintage clothing at Grassmarket second hand shops (cashmere pullovers), leave mobile phones on busses (and get greeted with „Say heil Hitler“ by the sad youngster picking it up) or eat 3 grilled chicken legs and have a Fleisch-flash afterwards (which includes a lot of giggling).
  • I have a sunburn, like I want to resemble a genuine British girl with short shorts and everything. I even managed to spray sunscreen (real hightech German Nivea invisible sunspray) into my friends eyes, so yeah, it probably might seem that I´m not sure how to use it properly.
  • I´m learning B.E. (and loving it). Want to sound British? Incorporate plenty of the following words into your daily conversations: literally, massive, loads, reckon, gorgeous, lovely, brilliant, properly, lousy, fairly, cracking… I learnt them on the street, from my friend and from old British ladies that you can chatter with on the bus.
  • B´s witty comment as we were lazily laying in the Princes Street Gardens: „Wenn man nichts tut, sollte man darauf achten, dass man es draußen tut.“

Cheers, MJF


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