Maybe it was something you turned off and on

18. September 2012

Eine alte Erinnerung aus den 90ern:

Maybe it was something you turned off and on, being a bitch…

Laurie threw her head back, her blue dress still unfastened. What in hell were you supposed to do with your looks? Collect just one man, very rich, with a number of houses, and have everyone look up to you? Be a good girl, date nice boys, not say mean things to the Careys and Phyllises, not make the Roy Delberts cry?

She zipped up her dress savagely. No: she´d rather be mean and bad and have a foul character. She´d sleep with Martin. Her mother could go to hell.

She savagely unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head. She threw it on the floor, where it would irritate Carey, who didn´t have a date. She reached into the closet and pulled out her new black dress. Her mother had said she was too young for black.  Laurie laughed, showing her teeth. She wasn´t going to wear a girdle, either. Her behind was going to shake its heart out. The dress fit very well. Laurie sighed and patted her hair, pushing one strand over her forehead. Then with a Kleenex she wiped the curve off the corner of her lips. Sullen juvenilia, that was her. Bad world. Bad Laurie.

~ Ende von Harold Brodkeys „Laurie Dressing“ (First love and other sorrows)


Ich liebe das, wie sie beschließt, nicht länger brav zu sein und vom Mädchen zur Frau zu werden. Argh!

Und passend dazu ein ziemlich geiler, aktueller Remix von einem Song, der auch ungefähr aus dieser Zeit stammt: Say my name!

PS: Ich will nach Santiago und Honneckers Enkel kennen lernen! Sorry, das kam gerade so über mich.

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